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About me

Hello! I’m a musician from B
olton, based in Manchester.
I’m interested in innovative and inclusive ways to create music, using new ideas and new technology.

I studied BA music at the University of Oxford, and then MA Composition at the University of Manchester.

I also write about music - you can find me reviewing at Silent Radio, and writing about music history over at Revoice! Magazine.

I’ve recently been working on project using new technology to convert sound into light. You can read all about it here
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Want to work with me?

I’m available to hire for composition, teaching, writing, or anything else you think might be up my street.

If you want to find out more, have a look around the website, or send me an email

01 Music Made

For Theatre

    The Enchanted (2016, 2017)
        sound design/electroacoustic music

    Twelfth Night (2015)
        for saxophone, mandolin, violin, cello, percussion, and vocal trio

    Not About Heroes (2015)
        sound design/electoacoustic music
        collaboration with Tom Kinsella

    Blood Wedding (2015)
        for string trio and electronics
        collaboration with Tom O’Connor

For Concert performance

   Carol for Our Children (2018)
        for string quartet, clarinet, flute, percussion + speaker
        commisioned by No Dice
        collaboration with Gregory Kearns

    Circles (2017)
        for mixed ensemble + volunteers

   I Thought I Was Too Small  (2017)
        for mixed ensemble + volunteers

  Redwood (2017)
        for flautist, acoustic guitar + electronics

    Shreds (2016)
        for string quartet
        workshopped by the Villiers Quartet

    Today I am looking at the Earth (2016)
        for choir
          workshopped by The BBC Singers

    Eumenides (2015)
        workshopped by Chroma Ensemble

For Film

    The Dinner Club (to be released 2019)

Production work

   What Are The Natural Forms? (2017) -  Hannah Ross 


    Big Big Toe (2015)
        for an art installation by Alex Leigh

02 Writing about music

For Silent Radio

I write reviews of new releases and live music in Manchester for a website called Silent Radio, which you can find collected here.

For Revoice! Magazine

Revoice! Magazine is an online music magazine launched in November 2016, ‘written for and by musicians who engage creatively and critically with history.‘ I’ve been writing about the song Wonderwall - you can read my first piece here, and the next one will be coming out in September.

If you want to write for them too, they both accept submissions from writers at all levels of experience, and are both run by really friendly people, so I’d definitely recommend getting in touch.

You can find everything I’ve written collected over at