David McFarlane

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About me

Hello! I’m a musician from B
olton, based in Manchester.
I’m interested in innovative and inclusive ways to create music, using new ideas and new technology.

I’m also a music facilitator, leading music workshops with young people, in the criminal justice system, and with anti-loneliness groups, and I teach Computer Music Design at Birmingham BiMM.

I studied BA music at the University of Oxford, and then MA Composition at the University of Manchester.

I write about music too - you can find me reviewing at Silent Radio, and writing about music history over at Revoice! Magazine.

I’ve recently been building a box which can sense when it rains, and uses that to trigger audio. You can read all about it here
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Want to work with me?

I’m available to hire for composition, teaching, writing, or anything else you think might be up my street.

If you want to find out more, have a look around the website, or send me an email

01 I write music

I write music for concerts, film, and theatre productions.

Some of it’s for other people playing instruments, some of it’s just for speakers, and some of it’s a bit weirder.

I also produce other people’s music, and sometimes play in bands.

There should be a video of some of it playing in the background of the website now. There’s no sound though, which sort of defeats the point doesn’t it. I would recommend having a listen to some of it for the full experience.

You can see the full list here, or if you just want the highlights, you can find those here.

02 I write about music

I write reviews of new releases and live music in Manchester for a website called Silent Radio, which you can find collected here,  and for Revoice! Magazine, which publishes work on music history, and you can find some of that here.

You can find everything I’ve written collected over at  https://dmcfmusic.wordpress.com/.

If you just want the highlights, you can find them at www.clippings.me/dvdmcf.