Discovery Avenue (2022)

Photography by Molly Baigent

I absolutely loved being part of this project, working with young people from Salford to help co-create a piece of promenade theatre at the University of Salford. The final piece combined storytelling, movement, puppetry, aerial dance,  music–everything I want from a show!

There were four different groups of young people, and my job was to write the big finale song working with each of the groups, and then rehearse it with the whole ensemble. We all co-wrote the song together over a series of workshops with each group. It was an interesting challenge trying to combine ideas from four very different groups to make one song which represented everyone. I’m very happy with how things came out, and we were delighted to be joined for the shows by The Skiband, who added brilliant brass backing and an unexpected but very welcome hip hop beat to the choir of young people.

My favourite part of the project was these massive puppets, built by Walk The Plank’s talented team of makers: