I Thought I Was Too Small (2017)

Film credit to Darkfield Visuals

As part of my master’s degree, everyone on the course was asked to write a piece to be performed in the Whitworth Art Gallery’s Andy Warhol exhibit, related to the exhibit. Taking influence from the pop art movement Warhol was part of I wanted to make a piece that would be accessible for any audience. To achieve this, I came up with a piece which used audience volunteers as performers - each performer  puts on a different set of headphones, which tells them how to play their part in real time. One plays prepared guitars, one is on vocals, and one plays a thumb piano. All the sounds they make are sychronised to the same clock, using a Max/MSP program on my laptop, processed live, and played through the speakers. 

I don’t actually like Andy Warhol that much really. The title of the piece comes from an advertisement I found, which Andy Warhol starred in for Drexel Burnham Lambert, a Wall Street investment banking firm, which I thought was the most Andy Warhol thing I’d ever seen.

You can read a much more detailed commentary on this piece, submitted as part of my Master’s degree, here.

You can also read the setup instructions here, and read the score below.

NB: as all instruction to the players is given through headphones, the score is for reference only.