The Time I Met David Byrne

One of my proudest achievements was the time I met David Byrne, and convinced him to record an EP of covers for my friend Lee’s birthday.

People sometimes say to me ‘David, this just sounds like you doing a bad Talking Heads impression over the instrumentals for popular songs. I don’t think you met David Byrne at all’ to which I reply ‘First of all, how dare you. Second of all, this is clearly David singing, I can’t believe you would doubt me like that’. Me and David are in regular communication and send each other Christmas cards.

I also got him in for a different birthday a year later:


Hannah Ross and I, along with a team of dedicated part-time contributors, have been tweeting all the wordplay we can think of from a twitter account called @wordplay_ebooks. This includes anagrams, spoonerisms, and everything inbetween. The list is getting quite long now, and we’re more proud of it than we probably should be, even though we’ve been told spoonerisms ‘aren’t as clever as we think they are’ (the quoted reviewer is no longer our friend). Submissions welcome.

Ruth Spencer Jolly - Cookie Monster (2016)

I voiced the Cookie Monster for this short film by Ruth Spencer Jolly. You can find more of her work here.