☔️ Rain Box (2019)☔️

📦 I’ve built a box that can sense when rain hits it 📦

🔊 Every time it senses a rain drop, it makes a noise 🔊

I was a participant in MIF’s Creative Labs artist development programme. This was an intensive artist development programme as part of 2019’s Manchester International Festival designed to develop digital skills. We were all commissioned to create a response to the festival. I created a music box which could sense rainfall. Every time a rain drop struck the box, it played a bell sound and the voice of a Manchester resident, creating a rain-responsive piece of sound art. This was then live streamed over the duration of the festival. You can find more information about the project , and my current work to develop the project to sense all aspects of the weather here.

You can find the BBC’s coverage of the Rain Box here.

It’s currently sitting in storage, but I’d love to bring it out again–if this is something you’d be interested in making happen, get in touch