☔️ Help me build my rain box ☔️

📦 I’ve built a box that can sense when rain hits it 📦

🔊 Every time it senses a rain drop, it makes a noise 🔊

It was built as part of Manchester International Festival’s Creative Labs artist development project 

When it’s built, it’ll be on display during the festival, and you’ll be able to see it either in person or livestreamed (I recommend a rainy day)

🔔 It makes bell sounds🔔

🗣And it also plays people’s voices🗣

Every time rain hits the box, it plays a recording of someone speaking their own name

I want as many names as possible

🌧Including yours🌧

✅ All you have to do is: ✅

  1. Record yourself saying your first name

2. Send me your recording, either on text or WhatsApp or at:


3 . Fill in this consent form (it doesn’t take long)

🤔 If you want to see some of the development process, I’m putting it all on Instagram here: 🤔


Please email me if you have any trouble

☔️ Thanks very much ☔️