Seeing Sounds:
A Chromesthesia Concert (2019)


This was a sold-out show in Chetham’s Carole Nash Hall, which aimed to directly visualise the experience of having chromesthesia, a neurological condition which causes people to see sounds and music as colours in front of their eyes.. The show was part musical concert, part science communication – a string quartet performed four pieces of music, directly visualised by new technology which I developed, which analyses audio and outputs it as coloured light.

“Seeing Sounds: A Chromesthesia Concert”, was developed as part of
Manchester Science Festival.

You can hear the audio from that performance of the show here:

Prior to the concert, I spent years developing the technology.

As part of my master’s degree, I built a system which analyses audio input and outputs it as light in any way the user wants.

Here are some examples - in these videos, the software converts pitch to colour, and loudness to brightness:

And here’s another example, in which I use coloured bells to control the colour of the  lights:

This was all used for my final MA piece, Circles:

 If you’re interested or want to know more, I’d love to
hear from you - get in touch: