Start The New Year Right

What is this?

This is an app that will start a song at the exact right time on New Year’s Eve so that a given part of the song will play at midnight.

It was inspired by tweets about New Year’s Eve:

You can read more about the meme here.


(version 1.0)

For Windows
For Mac

NOTE: Your computer probably won’t let you open this app straight away because I’m an unidentified developer. You can work around this though:

If you’re using the Windows version and a popup tries to stop you running the app, click ‘more info’ and then click ‘run anyway’.

If you’re using the Mac version, press ctrl, then click on the app to open it, and it should give you the option to open it anyway.

How do I use it?

STEP ONE: Pick a song and load it in

STEP TWO: Pick the part of the song you want to play at midnight

You can check everything is running okay using the buttons to the right of the screen.

STEP THREE: Make sure everything is working

You can test the clock function is working by putting in a different time to midnight in this bit here, and waiting until your goal time:I recommend you do this! You wouldn’t want everything to suddenly go wrong at midnight, would you?



If you use or are going to use the app, I’d love to hear from you - get in touch:

This is totally free, but if you’re going to use the app and you’re feeling really generous, you can buy me a coffee by clicking on the thumbs up below:


If everything goes horribly wrong and I ruin your new year, I take no responsibility for this, you should test everything works probably before you use this app.