The Marxist In Heaven (2020)

This play has easily one of the best plots of any I’ve worked on – A Marxist gets into Heaven, accuses the angels of being a fascist heirarchy, starts a revolution and overthrows God.

AND for mysterious plot reasons, everyone in Heaven has to dance to disco music every 30 minutes to keep the world spinning.

This was with the Lowry Young Company as part of the National Theatre Connections programme, which each year commissions ten new plays to be performed across the country by young people aged 13 – 19. They were fantastic to work with and did an amazing job staging the play.

This is the only project I’ve worked on that had as one of its briefs ‘could you teach the cast The Red Flag for the first hour, and then teach them what disco is for the second hour?’

The Lowry run a Young Technician programme to get young people involved in the technical side of the theatre industry, and I was very happy to have Joel, the sound technician on this scheme, helping me put the sound design and score together and running the sound on the night.